Astronaut’s clothing

Astronauts’ clothing is endowed with several functions in order to provide security in space.

Developed in order to protect the human body, the special clothing used by astronauts on their space missions is capable of:

• Regulating body temperature;
• Prevent the almost absolute vacuum of space from destroying the astronaut;
• Protect it against the sun’s rays;
• Avoid friction, even if small, with existing bodies in space;
• Control blood pressure, among others.

We can say that astronaut clothing is endowed with several functions, capable of providing security to those who wear it.

Clothing weighs on average 130kg: this value is actually the sum of clothing and auxiliary and safety equipment, which provide the wearer with vital conditions very similar to terrestrial conditions.

A model of these clothes, called Adeli Costume, developed for Russian astronauts in the 70s, whose main objective was to prevent sagging and muscle atrophy, has been widely used to stimulate children with cerebral palsy.

Clothing serves to encourage children to walk, because it provides security and a new body scheme is created, causing postural correction and development of the step, the gait.

Brazil already has this stimulus. An NGO in Salvador received 60 special clothes, a donation made by the Russian company responsible for the patent for this special costume.

We see then that scientific works produced for the comfort of man in space can also be perfectly used in our daily lives, thus improving the quality of life of ordinary civilians and personalities such as space travelers.

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