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Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that studies the universe through the laws of physics.

Astrophysics is the branch of Astronomy responsible for studying the universe through the application of laws and concepts of Physics . The objects of study of Astrophysics are planets , black holes , asteroids, galaxies , all kinds of stars , dark matter , nebulae, among others. To develop their studies, astrophysicists have at their disposal telescopes , telescopes , space telescopes, radio telescopes, photometers, etc

Lines of research in Astrophysics

The lines of research in Astrophysics are diverse. Here are some of the main branches of study:

  • Radiophysics;

    Gravitational waves;

  • Physics of the interplanetary medium;
  • Extragalactic astrophysics;
  • Astronomical instrumentation.

Cosmology is different from Astrophysics

The so-called Cosmology is another branch of Astronomy. It does not analyze the universe only through the eyes of physics, but proposes to analyze it as a whole. Cosmology tries to show the past, present and future of the universe.


The first to bring physics to astronomy was the German astronomer Johannes Kepler . Kepler ‘s laws for planetary motion explain the universe through theories of physics, so Kepler is considered the first astrophysicist or the father of astrophysics.

In the texts below, you can find more content related to Astrophysics, such as texts on space missions , astronomical phenomena, planets, etc.

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