Carpentry Tools

When it comes to working with wood , having a carpentry business, or just doing it as a hobby, it is important to have the necessary carpentry tools to carry out these jobs.

What are carpentry tools?

Carpentry tools  allow us to work with wood  , accurately and efficiently . There are different types of carpentry tools depending on their utility. These can be measuring, cutting, planing, screwing, pressing, joining, among others.

Measuring and scribing woodworking tools

Before doing anything, we have to measure and mark, otherwise: How will we know what to cut and where to do it? Let’s look at the following tools:

Tape measure  – It is one of the tools most used by carpenters to measure distances due to its ease of use.

Squares  – It is recommended that they be made of aluminum or metal. They are tools used to measure and draw angles of 45 °, 60 ° and 90 °.

Carpenter’s  pencil – It is essential to have a pencil so that after taking the measurement, you can trace and leave a mark as a reference.

Chalk line or trace lines  – It consists of a rope or thread covered with chalk powder. When the rope is extended along the wood, tensioning it and holding it in the middle. When releasing the rope, it falls on the surface marking a straight line of chalk.

Punch  – It is used to make perforations as reference points where a cut will be made later.

cutting woodworking tools

Saw  – It is probably the most used cutting tool by carpenters. There are different types of saws: Universal saw, Japanese saw or rib saw. Each one is better suited to certain jobs.

Miter Saw  – It is a machine that is used to make cuts with a certain angle. It consists of a table where the wood is placed and preset guides that allow cuts to be made at a certain angle.

Knife or cutter  – It is a tool used when cutting thin softwoods.

Circular Saw  – Made up of an electric motor that spins a circular saw at high speed. Depending on the type of wood to be cut, the type of saw blade must be selected.

finishing tools

Once we have our project finished, these tools help us to give it the final finish.

Rasps – Used to remove sawdust residue from the wood that may remain from the cutting work carried out.

Sandpaper – They are used to remove small remains of materials from the surfaces and thus leave the faces smooth.

File –  Like sandpaper, they are used to remove impurities that can be found on the surface and thus give the piece of wood a finish.

planing tools

Carpenter’s plane – The main use of this tool is to smooth and gouge the surface of the wood. It is also used to perform tie rod rectifications.

Guillame –  It fulfills the same function as the carpenter’s planer, only that it has greater handling, so it can reach more difficult places than the carpenter’s planer.

Joining or clamping tools 

Vise – It is a clamping tool used to fix and hold the workpiece preventing it from slipping.

Glue Adhesive   – It is a tool that allows the union between two pieces of wood.


Nail  – Metal tool that allows the union between two pieces of wood through pressure.

Other woodworking tools 

Hammer  – Tool known to all people, the hammer is responsible for inserting the nails into the wood through blows.

Nailer –  The nailer performs the same function as the hammer, only it is more efficient and has a higher execution speed.

Drill –  The drill or hole maker is a machine tool that is responsible for making holes in the wood. Its operation is electric.

Screwdriver –  The screwdriver is a tool that, as its name indicates, is used to screw or unscrew a screw .

Care of carpentry tools

When working with so many tools, it is important to take certain precautions into account so that they work efficiently and safely. Although there are not many, it is important to be careful when using cutting tools as they can hurt the person who uses them.

On the other hand, with the measurement tools it is important to keep them clean and stored in safe places since they can become uncalibrated and make incorrect measurements.

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