Concave and Convex Mirrors

Concave and convex mirrors are spherical mirrors that differ only by the face where the reflecting surface is located.

A spherical mirror is any and all mirrored (reflecting) surface, in the form of a spherical cap. The spherical mirror can be concave or convex, depending on the face where the reflecting surface is located.

If the mirrored part is internal, the mirror is called concave.

Examples of concave mirrors

If the mirrored part is outside, then the mirror is convex.

Example of convex mirrors

Concave Mirror
For the formation of images in the concave mirror, there is a dependence on the object’s position on the main axis.
These observations are made from the definitions:

• If the image belongs to the same half-plane as the object, this image is straight. If not, the image is inverted with respect to the object.

• The image will be real if it is formed by the reflected rays and will be virtual if it is formed by the extension of these reflected rays.

With this, it is observed that the characteristics of the image formed by the concave mirror is real, smaller and inverted.

Convex Mirror
The convex mirror image is always formed by an object placed in front of the mirror. The image formed will always be virtual, smaller and straight.

Convex mirrors are used in car rearview mirrors and also in other situations where you want to have a greater field of visibility than flat mirrors.

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