Electricity & Megnetism


Copper wires are good electrical conductors.

Conductivity is the property of matter to allow electric charges to flow through it. Good conductors are materials that allow electrons to move easily.

Metals, in general, are excellent conductors of electricity. In them, electrons flow easily. Therefore, copper, aluminum and tin are often used in the manufacture of electrical wires.

In addition to metals, there are other bodies that conduct electricity: the human body, the soil, humid air, and others. The bad conductors of electricity are; rubber, plastic, ceramics, etc. These objects are very important because they prevent short circuits from occurring. In these materials, electrons cannot move easily.

There are also semiconductors that allow only some movement of electrons. In them, the conductivity can be manipulated, artificially varying the composition of the material, according to whether or not the passage of electrical charges is desired. They are the basis of the microelectronics industry.

Silicon (the chips that control electronic equipment such as calculators and computers) is the most widely used semiconductor material.

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