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Electric Doorbell Operation

The electric doorbell is widely used in homes and, when activated, emits a noise that serves to communicate that someone is calling.

the electric bell is a device used in several homes that, when activated, emits a sound to call someone. You’ve probably used it or even have it at home, but have you ever stopped to think about how it works?

the electric bell is one of the many applications of electromagnets, which are devices formed by an iron core inserted into a solenoid (coil). When an electric current is established in the electromagnet coil, a magnetic field is created capable of attracting other magnetic materials.

To understand how the electric bell works, see the figure below:

When someone presses the doorbell button, the circuit is closed and an electric current is established within it. With this, the electromagnet is charged and generates a magnetic field, thus attracting the clapper (this is because the electromagnet starts to behave like a magnet). At the moment when the clapper is attracted to the electromagnet, it collides with the gong and causes the bell to ring. After this occurs, the electrical current in the system is stopped and the clapper returns to its original position. Whenever the bell is activated, pressing its button, this process is repeated.

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