Electricity Tools

That is why in this post we will show what are the essential tools that an electrician must have in order to work easily and safely.

What are power tools?

Power tools are tools used to perform work that involves handling electricity. These guarantee safety if used with caution and facilitate the work.

Examples of electrical tools

Pliers pliers : It is a style of pliers widely used by electricians to bend, hold or cut cables.

Screwdrivers : Used to tighten and loosen screws . There are several types depending on the screw to be loosened. They can be star, flat, round with a slot, among others.

Pole Finder : Tool to confirm whether or not a cable has electrical current ; It is often attached to the back of screwdrivers, but can be a tool per se .

Flashlight : Electricians generally work without electricity and therefore without light, so a flashlight is essential when carrying out the work.

Wire strippers : The wire strippers are used to remove the insulation that the cables have to be protected.

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Cable guide: They are guides that facilitate the work when installing new cables through a wall.

Soldering iron : It is a very important tool for electricians since some welding work is always required. A tin soldering iron is recommended for these jobs.

Multimeter : The multimeter is a tool used to measure electrical magnitudes such as current intensity, voltage, resistance and capacities.

Electrician’s scissors: Used to cut generally fine cables and to remove the insulating material from some cables.

Voltage detector: It is a tool used to confirm that, for example, there is voltage or potential difference in the plugs

Insulating tape: It is a tape used to electrically insulate cables and provide safety to people who handle these cables.

Characteristics of electrical tools

The tools must have a very important characteristic so that the work can be carried out efficiently and that people are not at risk.

These must be insulating. It is very important that the tools used for electrical work meet this condition since otherwise, when working with cables that contain electricity, this can cause an accident in the person who manipulates it.

Be careful when handling power tools

Although, as we mentioned before, the tools must be electrically insulating, it is important to take certain precautions to minimize the risk of receiving an electric shock.

  • It should always be verified that the cables with which they are working do not contain electric current.
  • Keep electrical tools always clean and stored in dry places.
  • Use good quality tools.

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