Freefall motion time functions

Reference system for free-fall movement, with axis-down orientation

In our daily lives we always come across situations in which objects fall towards the ground. This happens when we drop an eraser, a pen, a cup, etc. Although we are surrounded by falling phenomena, we can say that the free fall movement does not exist in our daily lives because it is not possible to ignore air resistance. This would only be possible in laboratories or using a vacuum pump, also known as a Newton tube.

With the help of this device we can remove the air contained in a container through a suction pump. Thus, an object dropped from a certain height falls in free fall.

A given body in free-fall motion will be subject to only one force: the force of weight. The force of weight acting on a body in free-fall motion has the same direction of motion. Therefore, we can say that it is a Uniformly Varied Rectilinear Motion (MRUV).

As it is an MRUV, we can make use of mathematical equations to describe the free fall motion. Below are the time equations that describe the free fall motion:

V= gt (velocity over time)

2 =2.g.∆s (velocity in relation to position)

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