Electricity & Megnetism

Magnetic valve

Magnetic valve used to control the flow of liquids or gases

The applications of electromagnetism are of great importance in our lives. From the generation of electrical energy, through the electric motors, to the reproduction of music by sound equipment, all these equipments have some component that has its operation based on electromagnetism.
Following this principle, several pieces of equipment, such as the machines we use to wash clothes, make use of valves that are activated by electric current to open and close the flow of water at each washing stage. These valves, in this type of process, make use of the magnetic force between a coil and a magnetic material, to open and close the faucet.

The working principle is the same as that of the loudspeaker, but in this case, the magnet moves and not the coil.

We can find solenoid valves in modern gasoline and diesel engines. In engines, fuel is injected directly into their cylinders. In this way, this type of fuel addition allows for a more precise dosage.

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