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Magnetization processes

The magnetization processes are the possible ways to magnetize materials that naturally do not have magnetic characteristics.

The magnetization process consists of magnetizing a material that naturally does not have magnet characteristics . Theoretically, any material can be magnetized, however, materials classified as ferromagnetic , such as iron and nickel , are more easily magnetized. Some metal alloys are also easy to magnetize. Alnico, for example, is an alloy composed of iron, aluminum , nickel, copper and cobalt . that is easily magnetized.

magnetization processes

1. Induction magnetization

Induction magnetism occurs when a material is exposed to a magnetic field. of a permanent magnet for a certain time to the point of being magnetized. Pins left in contact with a permanent magnet acquire the ability to attract each other, as the time of exposure to the magnet makes them magnetized.

2. Friction magnet

When a material is rubbed against a permanent magnet, it acquires a magnetic property. It is necessary that the friction occurs in a single direction, because the friction in one direction will cancel the magnet obtained in the opposite direction . An easy way to build a compass is to magnetize a needle by friction and, with the help of a floating material, make it float on the water. The magnetized needle orients itself according to the Earth’s magnetic field .

The study of electromagnetic phenomena shows that the moving electric charge generates a magnetic field and vice versa. If a ferromagnetic material is wound around a conducting wire, the electric current will create a magnetic field that will magnetize the material.

The image above illustrates the structure of an electromagnet . The nail is magnetized from the magnetic field generated by the passage of electric current and, due to the action of the magnetic field, it becomes capable of attracting other materials.

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