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Main Concepts of Physics

The field of study and research of Physics is very vast, as well as the various existing sciences, it has divisions of study that allow a better understanding of the concepts to be studied. Although this division exists, it does not mean that the study is isolated, on the contrary, as one evolves in the course of the study of Physics science, one perceives that one subject is a continuation of the other, that is, there is an interconnection of the areas of study.

The study of Physics science is divided as follows:


Of great importance, this is the part that begins the study of physics. Its study makes it possible to understand movements, the causes of movements, the interaction of bodies, it also makes it possible to understand concepts such as pressure, work of a force, the movement of celestial bodies, etc.

Mechanics addresses several issues, of which we can cite some, see:
– movement of bodies;
– concept of velocity and acceleration;
– calculation of the velocity and acceleration of bodies;
– force;
– the laws of motion;
– concepts that help in the study of hydrostatics, such as the concept of pressure;
– what is energy, work;
– conservation of momentum.

Heat and Thermodynamics

The study makes it possible to understand the various thermal processes that occur in everyday life. This part of physics is present in cooking food, burning car fuel, measuring temperatures, among many others.

This part addresses several aspects, among them we can mention:
– concept and difference between heat and temperature;
– thermometric scales;
– study of gases;
– Thermal machines;
– laws of thermodynamics.

Electricity and Magnetism

In this part, the electric and magnetic phenomena that surround us daily are studied. The study of this part comes from the need to explain how, for example, the operation of the lamp, the operation of electrical circuits and electrical generators occurs.

Electricity and magnetism, contrary to what many think, have a lot in common. This branch studies, for example:
– the processes of electrification;
– electric charge and their movement;
– electric current;
– electrical circuits and their elements, such as resistor and capacitor;
– magnetic phenomena and electromagnetic induction.

And many other subjects related to this fascinating branch that is the study of electricity.

Wave Motion and Geometric Optics

The study of this part also seeks to answer the questions experienced by everyone in everyday life. The movement of waves, as well as geometric optics, is constantly present in everyday life, for example, the rainbow, mirrors, the colors we see, among many other phenomena.

This branch mainly studies:
– the movement of waves;
– sound waves;
– the phenomena of diffraction, reflection and refraction of a wave;
– light and propagation;
– the mirrors and much more.

When studying physics, it is possible to notice that the branches of study are not individualized, they are related, that is, one subject is related to another.

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