Media: Transparent, Translucent and Opaque

We have the habit of saying that glass is transparent, that something that does not have good visibility is opaque, are we using them correctly?

According to Optics:
►Transparent media are media in which light travels along well-defined paths. That is, light passes through this medium regularly. And the only medium that can be considered transparent is a vacuum. Some media other than vacuum can be considered transparent media, however, when in small thicknesses, such as water.

►In translucent medialight does not pass through them as easily as through transparent media, its trajectory is not regular. This type of medium has more examples, such as: parchment paper, frosted glass, clouds.

►In opaque media , light does not propagate. These media absorb and reflect this light, the absorbed light is transformed into other forms of energy. There are numerous opaque media, such as: wood, cardboard.

We can conclude that, according to Optics, we use the terms transparent, translucent and opaque in the wrong way.

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