Optical illusion

Optical illusions are images that deceive the human vision, causing the human being to see things that are not present or making them see things the wrong way. Usually they are figures that can have several interpretations, they can arise naturally or even be created. Illusions become fun, as they combine two types of elements: the clear elements, which are those that you notice as soon as you see them, and the surprise elements, which are those that appear as you start to observe the drawing more closely. attention.

We are surrounded by optical illusions and television is an example. It is a set of still images that appear to have movement when presented quickly. It is the human brain that assembles all these images and observes them more slowly in relation to how it is shown.

The knowledge and study of optical illusions began in 1915 with the cartoonist WE Hill who published the following drawing and became known worldwide.

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