Optics Divisions

There are two divisions of optics: Physical Optics, which studies the phenomena of the nature of light, and Geometric Optics, which studies the propagation and behavior of light.

Optics is divided into two parts:

Optics Physics
Geometric optics studies the propagation and behavior of light in different media, as it is based on the theories of refraction and reflection of bodies, which in turn are represented by light beams which are the set of rays of light. These rays can be converging, diverging or parallel, and the orientations occur through oriented lines.

Beams of Light

Physical optics is responsible for the study of phenomena in which the nature of light predominates, such as polarization, diffraction, spectra, interference, among others.

We can then define light as responsible for our visual sensations.

Luminous body – are the bodies that emit their own light.
Ex: sun, stars, candle flame.

Illuminated body – are the bodies that reflect the light received by other bodies.
Eg: moon.

In addition to these divisions, bodies are also classified as:

Opaque – They prevent the passage of light. Example: a wooden door.

Transparent – ​​Allow the full passage of light. Example: clear glass.

translucent– Allow light to pass through partially. Example: frosted glass.

The speed of light
Light has mathematical values ​​that represent it. Watch:

For the propagation of light there is no need for matter, because it propagates in space and in a vacuum.

On the other hand, in a material medium, the speed of light is less than in a vacuum, thus its value depends on the type of light that propagates.

In each material medium that propagates, light has its propagation speed different.

The speed of light in a vacuum is a very important constant in the study of physics. It cannot be surpassed by any body that is in motion in nature.

It is also concluded that, being in a homogeneous and transparent medium, the light propagates along a rectilinear path.

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