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Physical Quantities and Units

Scale responsible for identifying weight in KG

Physics is responsible for studying all the events that exist in nature, the so-called physical phenomena.

To facilitate the study of these phenomena, physicists chose to create general rules that could be identified throughout the world, a universal way of studying physical phenomena, making them standard.

Physical quantities are summarized in measurement units created through the International System of Units (SI), responsible for such standardization.

In mechanics, the SI corresponds to the MKS system, which has as its fundamental units: meter, kilogram and second.

In any case, the correct figures and the first doubtful figure are called significant figures.

Among the physical quantities are also scientific notation, time, the metric unit and measures of distance.

Using the International System of Units, there are four basic advantages:

• Uniqueness – Because there is only one unit for each physical quantity.
• Uniformity – Eliminates any confusion about symbols, because each physical phenomenon has its own.
• Decimal relationship between multiples and submultiples – Facilitates written and verbal work, through writing using the power of ten.
• Consistency – Avoid misinterpretations.

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