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Physics and the Evolution of Information Storage Means

New means and ways of storing information have emerged through technological advancement

Humanity, over time, has been evolving rapidly and gradually, with regard to the ways of storing information, and along with this revolution is physics, which seeks different ways to facilitate and increase the capacity of storage media.

Keeping information is a very old task performed by human beings. Whether through writing, speaking or even through legends and stories passed down from generation to generation, the oldest civilizations always sought a way to preserve their cultures and give continuity to their customs. However, even with all the technological evolution, stories and legends are still widely used by indigenous peoples as a way of storing and transmitting information from one generation to another.

Despite all technological evolution, writing is still the main means of storing information, whether through books, newspapers and even magazines. However, with technological advances, new means and ways of storing information have emerged, such as videos, movies, DVDs, computers and, more recently, the revolutionary cell phones, mp4, portable HDs, among many others that are increasingly smaller, but with high storage capacity.

Physical science is part of this process of technological evolution. It is through nanotechnology and particle physics, among many other areas of science, that scientists and researchers have been able to build increasingly compact equipment with high data storage capacity. Particle physics is an area of ​​physics that studies the constituents of matter. The area of ​​nanotechnology is based on the basic principle of building structures and materials from atoms, such as chips and semiconductors. Both particle physics and nanotechnology are two areas in great evolution that are incessantly looking for more and more effective ways to store information.

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