Electricity & Megnetism

Radius of the path of a charge in the magnetic field

For a charge thrown perpendicular to the field lines, the magnetic force acts like the centripetal force.

We know that an electric charge when released in a region of uniform magnetic field can describe different types of motion. These different types of motion arise because of the direction of velocity of the charge as it enters the magnetic field region.

Remember that when the charge enters the magnetic field forming an angle of 0º or 180º, it does not suffer the action of the magnetic force, therefore it describes a uniform rectilinear motion. However, when the charge penetrates the magnetic field perpendicularly, that is, forming an angle of 90º in relation to the magnetic field lines, the particle is subjected to a centripetal force, therefore, the charge starts to describe a uniform circular motion inside the magnetic field. magnetic field.

mag = Fc


We have

ma g = F c

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