Simple magnifying glass or microscope

With a magnifying glass, the image that is formed of the object is enlarged and straightened.

You must have already come across several types of optical instruments, with which it is possible to capture, enlarge or even reduce images of objects. The best known optical instruments are cameras, image projectors, magnifying glasses and microscopes.

The optical instrument known as a magnifying glass is made up of a converging lens that provides, of a real object, a virtual image, straight and larger than the object. For this image formation to occur, the object must be situated between the focus and the optical center of the lens.

If the lens and the object are fixed to support supports, in order to facilitate their handling, the optical instrument loupe is called a simple microscope. We can attribute the construction of the first simple microscope to the Dutch physicist Leeuwenhoek.

the image of an object placed in front of a magnifying glass is formed, or rather, placed in front of a simple microscope. As mentioned earlier, the object needs to be located between the main focus and the lens. Therefore, we have:

The linear transverse magnification varies according to the distance p of the object from the magnifying glass and the focal length f of the lens used. This increase can be obtained with the equation of the increase and that of the conjugate points:

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