When ironing clothes, we usually use a sprayer to make this task easier. But have you ever wondered why just squeezing the trigger causes water to rise and shoot out?

An answer that may not convince everyone, but interesting and correct: The physical principle that causes water to rise and be thrown out is the same that makes planes and helicopters fly.
Interesting, isn’t it??!
Now we will understand through a very simple experiment the physical principle proposed by Daniel Bernoulli – Physicist-Mathematician.

The experiment above consists of two straws (yellow), one perpendicular to the other, and a container containing water.
One of the straws should be submerged in water, you should blow at point “a” so that the air comes out quickly at the other end. The passage of air (fast) through the upper end of the straw that is vertical will cause water molecules to be suspended and sprayed.
What happens physically is that the rapid passage of air over the end of the vertical straw causes a reduction in pressure with respect to the pressure inside it, causing the water to be sucked out by the pressure difference.
In an airplane, the faster airflow at the top of the wing reduces the pressure on the wing relative to the bottom; making the pressure at the top less and making the plane go up.

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