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The earth is flat

Currently, some conspiracy theories try to prove that the Earth would be flat as a vinyl record. However, evidence shows that this would not be possible.

Evidence such as images from space prove that the shape of the Earth is spherical
Even after all Isaac Newton’s contributions on universal gravitation, Kepler’s planetary ideas and Albert Einstein’s proposals about gravity, some risk saying that the Earth would not be round, but flat like a disk of vinyl!

Called flat-Earthers, these people argue that the Earth’s sphere shape is a lie held primarily by NASA , the US Space Agency . The reason for such a farce, according to this conspiracy theory, would be financial and hegemonic power.

According to this view, the planet would be disk-shaped and covered by the dome-shaped (dome) firmament. The Sun and Moon would be much smaller than we imagine and would move in the space available in that dome. Antarctica would be on the edges of this disk, so its territory would be extremely guarded and impossible to visit in its entirety. Observe what the Earth would look like according to this flat-Earther theory:

How to prove that the Earth is flat?

For the followers of this theory, one of the ways to prove that the planet does not have curvature is to use a video camera with very high zoom capacity, so, when approaching the horizon as close as possible, it would be possible to verify the flat surface of the Earth. Another way to prove this theory, according to flat-Earthers, is to observe that extensive rivers, such as the Nile, flow without suffering slopes.

Evidence of the real shape of the Earth

More than two thousand years ago, after observing the positioning of stars , the Greek philosopher Aristotle understood that the only possible shape for the Earth should be circular. In 500 BC, the Greeks, in addition to noticing the different positioning of the stars when seen at different points on Earth , also noticed that ships only showed the mast when they began to appear on the horizon.

1) Great navigations

Ferdinand Magellan , in the 16th century, performed the first successful circumnavigation . By always sailing in the same direction, his ship returned to the starting point of the trip, proving that the planet is round .

2) Time zone

Time zones are another proof of the circular shape of the planet. If the Earth were flat, the Sun would have to shine at the same time for all the inhabitants. However, what we see is the alternation between day and night for different points on the planet.

3) Space explorations

Man’s journey into space, which began with the voyage of Yuri Gagarin , the launch of satellites and the movement of the International Space Station, proved through countless images the circular shape of the Earth .

These and many other pieces of evidence therefore confirm that the planet is spherical in shape and flattened at the poles. Furthermore, the Earth rotates at a speed of 1645 km/h and revolves around the Sun, the star that provides us with light and heat.

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