Modern Physics

The Fundamental Forces of Nature

The gravitational force, the electromagnetic force and the nuclear force correspond to the fundamental forces of nature.

Amidst the myriad of physical phenomena, there are four fundamental interactions involved. These interactions are forces, namely: gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.

Gravitational Force

The mutual attraction between bodies because of their masses is called gravitational force.

The gravitational force can be noticed in the mutual attraction between Earth and Sun

Electromagnetic Force

The attraction or repulsion between bodies due to their electrical charges and/or their magnetization is called electromagnetic force.

The movement of the needle of an electromagnetic compass
occurs due to the electromagnetic force

Weak Nuclear

Force The force developed between leptons and hadrons is called the weak nuclear force.

of electrons in some radioactive substances

Strong Nuclear Force

The force that maintains nuclear cohesion and the union between quarks is called the strong nuclear force.

Protons have positive charges causing mutual repulsion between them, the force that holds them
together in the atomic nucleus is called the strong nuclear force.

Unifying the Fundamental Forces

Scientists are trying to unify the fundamental forces; but the attempts have not yet been successful. It is up to us to wait for what the scientific world has in store for us and whether the unification of the four fundamental forces will be possible.

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