Electricity & Megnetism

The multimeter

The multimeter is an electrical measuring device, capable of carrying out electrical measurement of three different types: Voltmeter, Ohmmeter and Ammeter.

This tool is able to measure:

• Electric current (direct and alternating) – ammeter function
• Electric voltage (direct and alternating) – voltmeter function
• Electrical resistance – ohmmeter function
• Capacitance
• Alternating signal frequency
• Temperature
• Among others

The definition about which measurement will be performed, happens by means of a rotary switch that selects the function to be performed.

There are two types of multimeters, analog and digital.

Analog multimeters – Based on Galvanometers, whose reading is verified by means of electromagnetic force in its pointer.

Digital Multimeters – Composed of a versatile electronic component, called an operational amplifier.

It is based on a high input resistance capable of changing the voltage gain, current or electrical resistances.

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