The Polarization of Light

Light polarization occurs when natural light, which used to propagate in all planes, starts to propagate in a single plane.

Light sources generally emit lights formed by electromagnetic waves that vibrate in various directions, in which there is always a perpendicular plane for each ray of light wave. This light is called natural light or non-polarized light .

In nature there are substances that, when traversed by light beams, allow only a part of the light wave to pass through. This event occurs a phenomenon called polarization of light . The natural light that used to propagate in all planes, now starts to propagate in a single plane.

Polarizers work like a slit allowing light to pass in only one plane. If two polarizers happen to be aligned in the same direction, light passes through the first one, but nothing is seen in the second, as there will be no light emergence. The event of the polarization of light gives clear evidence that it is formed by transverse waves. In this way, this phenomenon can only happen with this type of wave, so we can conclude that with sound waves there is no polarization, as they are of the longitudinal type.

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