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Uniform magnetic field

The magnetic field can be demonstrated by dropping iron filings onto the bar magnet.

In our studies of the magnetic field we have seen that it is analogous to the electric field and the gravitational field. Thus, in the region of space in which a magnet manifests its action, there is a magnetic field. We represent the magnetic field at a point in space through a vector called magnetic induction vector or magnetic field vector.

Therefore, a magnetic field in which the magnetic induction vector has the same intensity, the same direction and the same direction is called a uniform magnetic field. Thus, the lines of magnetic induction of a magnetic field are parallel lines with equal orientation and equally spaced.

We obtain a uniform magnetic field between two polar faces (north and south), planar and parallel. Let’s see the figure below:

Magnetic force acting on magnets

If we place a needle in a region with a magnetic field, we will see that this needle will be acted upon by magnetic forces. Therefore, we can say that the magnetic force on the north pole of the needle has the direction of the induction vector B and the magnetic force on the south pole of the same needle has the opposite direction to the magnetic field vector B. However, these forces have the same intensity .

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