Units and Measurements

Weights and measures [E]

Weights and measures [E]

Elle: Old linear measure. In Cuba, for fabrics = 0.675 m.

In Spain = 29 Spanish inches = 675 mm.

Era: Measurement of time = at a certain date or fixed point of some notable event, from which the years begin to count.

ERG (erg): absolute cegesimal unit of work = that produced by a force of one dyne that requires traveling to the point of application, in the direction of the force, the distance of one cm.

The kilogram is the practical unit being also in general use in industry, the gram centimeter, the gram meter, the tonnemeter and, also in England, the foot pound and the foot ton. As a multiple, the megaerg = 10 6 ergs is used. Their equivalents are: one erg = 10 -7 joules = 24 10 -12 kilocalories = 1/g 10 5 kgm = 9 10 -11 British thermal unit.

Scruple: Old Spanish ponderal, used to weigh medicines = 2 obols = 24 grains = 798 mg.

Gunter’s Link: = 0.66 foot = 7.92 inches.

Estadal: Old measure of length and surface.

In Spain, length = 3,344 m.

In Spain, area = 11.16 m²

This unit has been in use in many Latin American and European countries.

Attic stay: Itinerary measure of ancient Greece, for land and maritime uses = 184 m.

Stadium: This Hellenic unit registers very different dimensions, the most common was = 125 geometric steps because it was where the ancient Greeks carried out races and other exercises. It was also = 600 feet, the distance that an arrow could reach.

In Spain = 25 cords = 172.875 m.

In Greece (Stadion) = 1,000 m.

In ancient Rome = 218 varas.

Common stadium: 185,119 m.

Furlong Stadium: 10 chains = 40 toises = 110 fathoms = 220 yards = 201.16 m.

Large Stadium (Asian Greece): 222,338 m.

Macedonian Stadium: 210,140 m.

Nautical Stadium (Asian Greece): 166,679 m.

Status: Spanish surface measure, in Avila = 3.804236 m²

Stereo: Volume measurement for firewood = 1 m³

Steradian (sr): Supplementary SI unit The steradian is the solid angle that, with its vertex at the center of a sphere, limits an area on the surface of the sphere equal to that of a square, whose sides have a length equal to the sphere radius.

Evo: measure of time, also called millennial or millennium = 1,000 years = 200 lustrums = 10 centuries.

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