Units and Measurements

Weights and measures [J]

Weights and measures [J]

Jar: Spanish measure of capacity. In Huelva = 2 cuartillos and, in Mexico = 8,212 liters.

Jeme: Unit equivalent to the distance between the end of the thumb and the index finger, extended as far as possible.

Jolsa: Measurement of length = 6 feet = 1,781 m.

Jornal: Old surface unit = to the land that a day laborer worked in one day.

In Alicante and Almería = 48,041 a.

In Lleida = 43.58 a.

In Barcelona = 48.96 a.

Jornal de meadow: Spanish agrarian measure, in Lérida = 8,722 a.

joule (J): SI derived unit The joule is the work done when the point of application of 1 newton is displaced a distance of 1 meter in the direction of the force.

July: practical unit of electrical work. It corresponds to the number of calories produced during one second, by an ampere current in a circuit of 0 ohm resistance, or what is equivalent to the volt coulomb or volt ampere second.

1 joule = 10 7 erg second = 0.00024 kilocalories = 0.1019 kgm = 0.239 british thermal unit = 0.737 foot pound = 0.00136 CV = 0.009806 poncelet = 0.00134 HP

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