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Weights and measures [M]

Weights and measures [M]

Macuto: Cuban weight, in Camagüey = 4 net arrobas of sugar and 7 pounds of tare.

Mallal: Spanish measure of capacity for oils, wines and spirits. In Barcelona, ​​for oils = 12.563 liters and, in Gerona, for oils = 13.3 liters and, for wines and spirits = 15.48 litres.

Hand: This unit has different applications. In Cuba, for plantains (bananas), males from 5 to 7 and females, from 10 to 12 units.

In Spain = 5 paper booklets of 5 sheets each.

Also, “ancient baker’s hand” = 34 rolls = ¼ bushel of bread.

Bundle: In Cuba it is used for tobacco = 4 sheaves. Yara (Guachinango) = 3 sheaves of 80 leaves each.

Apple: Surface measurement.

In Argentina, equal to a sector of land, whether built or not, circumscribed by streets on all four sides. Its area = 1.84 acre.

In Honduras, apple area = 1.74 acre.

In Nicaragua, apple area = 6,972 m²

In San Salvador, apple area = 1,726 acre.

Maquillero: Spanish agrarian measure, typical of León = 18 m²

Framework: Measurement that registers different applications. In Spain, this unit was applied to weigh gold and silver = 8 ounces = 4,800 grains of Spanish gold, it was also used to weigh precious stones and noble metals = 1,352 carats.

Madrid framework: Spanish agrarian measure = 34.238121 a.

Real framework: Spanish measure of surface = 64.3957 a.

March: Spanish weight = 8 ounces = 0.23 kg.

Mesura: Spanish measure of capacity for oil. In the Balearic Islands = 16,221 liters and in Gerona = 18 litres.

Mesureta: Spanish measure of capacity for oil. In Lleida = 0.525 litres.

Mesurón: Spanish measure of capacity for aggregates. In Barcelona = 2.8950 litres.

Meter (m): SI fundamental unit The meter is the length equal to 1,650,763.73 wavelengths in the vacuum of the radiation corresponding to the transition between levels 2p 10 and 5d 5 of the krypton-86 atom.

Micheta: Spanish measure of capacity for liquids = 1/16 pitcher. In Alicante = 0.721875 liters and, in Castellón de la Plana = 0.704375 litres.

Micron (from the Greek mikrós, small): Micrometric measure of length, it has one thousandth of a millimeter.

Miedro: Spanish measure of capacity for liquids, in León = 193.56 litres.

Milligal: Practical measure of intensity of gravity = 0.001 gal = 1 millidine.

Mile: From the Latin mille, a thousand, because the mile was among the Latins a measure of 1,000 geometric steps = 1,742.05 meters.

In Spain, nautical mile of 60 degrees = 1.85185 km.

In Spain, ordinary mile = 1.866533 km.

In Spain, a mile of 1,000 paces (¼ league) = 1.3933 km.

English mile (mile) = 1.6093 km.

Nautical mile (knot) -Anglo-Saxon- = 6,080 feet = 1,853 km.

Nautical mile = 10 cables = 1,108.33 fathoms = 1,851.66 m.

Roman mile = 1,000 steps = 5,000 feet = 1.4879 km.

International nautical mile of 60 in meridian degree = 1,852 m, was put into practice, in 1954, by the USA to replace the so-called American Nautical Mile equivalent to 1,853.27 m.

Mitadella: Spanish measure of capacity. In Gerona = 0.814375 liters (for oil) = 4 quarts. In Barcelona, ​​for wine = 4 quarts.

Mitjera: Spanish measure of capacity for wines and other liquids. In Gerona = 7.51 liters (oil), and in Puigcerdá, for wines = 8.50 litres.

Mojada: Spanish agrarian unit. In Barcelona = 48.9650625 a.

Mol (mol): SI fundamental unit The mole is the amount of substance of a system that contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012 kilogram of carbon-12. The elementary entities have to be specified and can be atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, other particles or specified groupings of such particles.

Mola: Spanish measure of water supply. In Barcelona and Gerona = 3,381 pens = 7,439.093 m³ respectively (per day).

Mundina: Spanish agrarian unit. In Barcelona = ⅛ quatrain = 1.16 wet = 306.03 m² = 3.0603129 a.

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