Units and Measurements

Weights and measures [N]

Weights and measures [N]

Neros: Conventional period of time used by the Chaldeans = 10 sassos = 600 years.

newton (N): Unit derived from the SI The newton is the force that communicates to a mass of 1 kilogram the acceleration of 1 meter per second per second.

Nietro: Spanish measure of capacity for wines and spirits. In the former kingdom of Aragon = 159.68 liters and in Zaragoza = 158.56 litres.

Knot: Nautical itinerary unit. Each of the division points of the log is called a knot, that is, a knot represents 1/120 of the nautical mile of 1,852 m and the navigation path is measured with each of the aforementioned divisions, counting the knots that they pass in 30 seconds of time through the slider.

Referring to the speed of a ship, it is equivalent to a mile per hour and, if it is said “we sail at 20 knots per hour” this equivalence is considered improper, although it is also common.

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