Units and Measurements

Weights and measures [S]

Weights and measures [S]

Saco (Bag): In Argentina it is used for sugar, grains, flour and many other items with different weight and volume.

In Cuba, for coffee = 5 quarters long by two wide and, for salt = 200 pounds.

Saros: Measurement of time used by the Chaldeans = 60 sassos = 6 neros = 3,600 years.

Sassos: Measurement of time used by the Chaldeans, equal to a period of 60 years.

Second (s): SI fundamental unit The second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom.

Serón: Cuban measure for various uses. In Camagüey, for corn = 300 ears; for bananas = 60 hands and for pumpkins = 25 units.

Sesma: Unit equivalent to ⅙ part of anything. In Spain, length (for logs) = 6 inches = 0.1393 m.

In Mexico = ⅙ vara = 0.139 m.

Setse: Spanish measure of capacity for wines and spirits. In Barcelona = 10,324 liters and in Lleida = 37.9 litres.

Shekel: Ancient Phoenician weight = 150 g.

Siemens (S): SI derived unit The siemens is the conductance that produces a current of 1 ampere when a voltage of 1 volt is applied. It is the reciprocal of the ohm, formerly called mho.

Silique: Old weight used in medicine = 4 grains = 0.1998 g.

Sinquena (Cinquena): Spanish measure of capacity for oil. In Tarragona = 20.65 litres.

Site: Mexican unit = 1,755.61 ha (site used for livestock).

Size: Measurement used by shoemakers = 0.3333 inch.

Stadion: Greek measure of length = 1,000 m.

Stremma: Greek measure of area = 10 a.

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