Units and Measurements

Weights and measures [V]

Weights and measures [V]

Rod: Measurement of length.

In Argentina = 0.866 m.

It is a graduated wooden strip with several signs, which noted the length of 3 feet and the division into thirds, fourths, sexmas, eighths and fingers.

In June 1568, already Philip II, issued an order so that the one from Burgos was recognized as a Castilian rod. Toledo, also received from Alfonso the Wise, the primitive Castilian vara = 3 Roman feet, which differed in a ¼ line with that of Burgos. Valencia, received from don Jaime the conqueror, the rod of 3 Roman feet. In 1746, Fernando IV ordered the use of the Burgos rod, since 7 of its feet were equivalent to the Paris toise.

Vesana: Spanish agrarian measure. In Girona = 24.888125 a.

Violle: Practical unit to measure the intensity of light = at which it leaves per 1 cm² of molten platinum at the solidification temperature.

volt (V): SI derived unit The volt is the difference in electrical potential between two points on a wire carrying a constant current of 1 ampere, when the power dissipated between those two points is equal to 1 watt.

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