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What are the elements of the movement?

The elements of movement allow for a clear and precise definition of what movement is and how it works, not just in general, but in the world of physics in particular.

For a start it is necessary to know the concept of movement in order to understand the function of its elements.

Movement in physics is the change of position of an object or body, taking into account a specific point of reference and time. If the object has not changed position, it is said to be at rest.

Main elements of the movement


Acceleration is considered a vector magnitude. Thanks to this, you can calculate the speed variation per unit of time. The unit that represents it in the International System is m / s2 (meter per second squared) .

Acceleration can be broken down into multiple motions, but the two most commonly used are uniform circular motion and accelerated rectilinear motion:

– Uniform Circular Movement : is the place where the object to be studied travels along a circular path at a constant speed.

– Accelerated rectilinear movement : it is when the object travels a straight path and its acceleration remains constant. A clear example of this movement is free fall, where the constant acceleration corresponds to that of gravity.

start and end position

These are the points at which the path taken by a body or object begins and ends.


Speed ​​can be defined as the relationship between the distance covered by a moving body and the time needed to complete the journey.

The term speed can easily be confused with the term speed. While it is true that in the vocabulary of science ‘synonymous’ can be used, each has a slightly different definition.

The most notable difference would be the fact that Speed ​​has a vector character, while Speed ​​is the modulus of this magnitude.


It is a magnitude with which the duration of movement is measured.


It can be defined as the set of points on a straight or curved line that traverses a body or object when making a movement.

scroll vector

The displacement vector is the one that defines the object’s position from point A to point B.

The displacement vector takes into account only the initial position and the final position of the object, its trajectory is not important in the calculation of that vector.


Velocity is a vector character that expresses the distance traveled by an object in a given unit of time.

To define it, the direction of travel and the module (speed) are needed. Its unit in the International System is the symbol m / s (meter per second).

There are several types of speed:

– Average speed : it is the change of position in a specific time interval.

– Instantaneous velocity : is the tangent to the trajectory.

– Average velocity : is the average of the final and initial velocity in which a constant acceleration is included.

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