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What would happen if someone ran as fast as the Flash?

If someone ran as fast as the Flash, they would suffer the effects of time dilation, could leave the planet and would be a terrible savior!

If someone ran like the Flash, they’d be as fast as light
The Flash is a comic book character capable of reaching superhuman speeds. In many adventures, the hero has even surpassed the propagation speed of light , which is physically impossible.

Powered by the magical force of speed, as well as being incredibly fast, Flash can create clones , walk on water, and travel through time .

If it were possible for a human being to reach speeds at least close to the speed of light, his powers would be incredible! The following list brings some possibilities of super speed.

1. Time travel

According to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity , the timekeeping for objects moving with speeds close to or equal to the speed of light is different when compared to the timekeeping made by objects at rest.

When reaching super speeds, time will pass more slowly for the moving object. So, if someone ran with a speed equal to 99% of the speed of light for a whole year, they would realize when they stopped that the time marked by individuals at rest would be 7 years! By running as fast as the Flash, we could go to the future not by opening a miraculous portal, but through the phenomenon of time dilation .

2. Devastating punches

Einstein ‘s Theory of Relativity predicts that the kinetic energy of an object varies with its mass and velocity. Therefore, the greater the speed, the greater the energy accumulated by that object.

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If someone reached a speed that corresponded to 98% of the speed of light, they would accumulate an energy of 50 megatons! When throwing a punch with such energy, only the weight of the fist would do as much damage as the Tsar Bomb , the most powerful nuclear warhead ever detonated.

Someone with the speed of the Flash would accumulate energy equivalent to that of the Tsar Bomb, the most powerful bomb ever detonated*

3. Departure from the planet

The escape velocity is the minimum velocity necessary for a body to leave a planet. In the case of Earth, this speed is 40,000 km/h. Running at such high speeds and in any direction, someone with the Flash’s powers would easily get off the planet!

4. Bad savior

For sure, the Flash would be a disaster in the art of saving someone. If the hero touched someone during his high-speed movement, he would rip the person’s limbs off! The very high speed and inertia of the object to be saved would cause everything touched by the hero to be destroyed.

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